Dr. Saleh J. Malaikah


Dr. Saleh Jameel Malaikah chairs the board of Rusd International Holding Group, a Kingdom of Saudi Arabia headquartered conglomerate. Dr. Malaikah obtained his Ph.D. specializing in Finance & Investments, after graduating with a B.Sc. {Eng.} and an MBA degree. Recognized as a well-known contributor towards Islamic Finance and an esteemed businessman, he held positions on the boards of several listed and private companies across the globe and has served as an advisor to various regulatory bodies and government linked entities over the years. 

He has an astounding passion and contributes towards Islamic economics. Pioneering the development of instruments to apply Islamic financial concepts that has earned him the recognition of his peers, where he has been bestowed several prestigious awards:  

  • Deal Maker of the Year presented by the Islamic Banking & Finance Forum
  • Lifetime Award presented by the Islamic Banking & Finance symposium (LARIBA)
  • Islamic Banker of the Year presented by the Islamic Society of North America Forum for Business & Trade
  • Leader of Takaful presented during the Second World Takaful Conference.
  • Distinguished Participation Award presented during the Gala Dinner for International Takaful Awards organized by Global Finance Magazine.
  • The Most Outstanding Individual Contribution to Islamic Finance presented by KLIFF Islamic Finance Awards Ceremony 2011
  • One of the strongest executive departments of the Arabian companies that contributing in the insurance sector – Forbes Middle 2012.
  • One of the Six Key individuals shaping sharia-compliant lending in the region. 

Dr. Malaikah is a celebrated speaker in Finance, Banking, Investment and Islamic Economics. He is also on the Board of several financial institutions.